So What Is The Point, Pt. 2

What Kaep supporters seem to underestimate is that Colin Kaepernick’s act really bothers fo’ five’s backwards thinking base, like really sets their souls on fire. To them, this rich ass, ghetto ass nigga had the audacity to disrespect this great country. The fact is that folks in this country project a disdain for Black athletes and how much they are compensated for playing a sport while having little issues with the actions and motivations of their employers, who happen to be the actual wealthy(not rich) individuals that the players are treated as.


Switching gears because I empathize with those who side with Colin Kaepernick, this discussion is about the disgusting people who continue to redirect the discussion that should be about the injustice and inequality that befalls upon so many people in this country to talk about a damn flag and some damn troops. They are disgusting because they want to quell the plea for better treatment of Blacks in this country by trying to silence and shame them for using patriotism. The fact is that there is no time to protest this subject that would satisfy these disgusting people. Imagine if Colin decided to carry out some action after every play; that would have been an issue as well. The “don’t disrespect the flag” discussion is just a front to say, “I don’t care about your protest, but do it on your own time. This is mine.”


The misdirection is all a work. It’s all smoke and mirrors to bypass the point. Black people are treated unfairly in this country and for it to live to what it says it is, the land of the free and home of the brave (anthem bars), racial inequality should be addressed. The discussion will not start until the perpetrators of this injustice accept their role in its existence. It cannot be any more clear than that. It’s time to mute any remarks made about a flag, veterans, or respect. This is a one way discussion, and if you’re not talking about overcoming racial inequality, you’re on the wrong street going the wrong way.