Find A Phone


Your smoke show of a neighbor, who is also an adult content creator, does a Find My Phone hunt to discover that she misplaced her phone at near your house. Since you’re Mazee, she’s all about paying you a reward in sex. Oh, and the smoke show is ELSIE.

Where’s My Phone
Thick Ass Pool Party

Whenever Thick Ass Daphne is around it’s a guaranteed good time. She flaunts off every inch of her hot body before she takes to Jay Banghers slip and slide. Huge ass, water, and hot sex. Sold!


College life is hectic. A girl can’t get any quiet time to study especially when Ricky Johnson is around. He couldn’t keep his hands out of Nicole Kitt’s cookie jar. Roomie couldn’t help but push the books away and join the raunchy action going on behind her.

Living the Dorm Life
Tit-Mobbed & Oddjobbed

Movie night for the trio featuring Ashlyn Peaks and Alex Jones. The ladies are tired of Alex ruining the experience so they found some more entertaining action for him that doesn’t have a serious act 3 twist.


The neighborhood swingers have been giving it up to the local handyman. Through a referral, Harley Dean and hubby plan a ruse to have him come do an inspection and insertion. Although, he’s in for a surprise to find it’s not for a leaky ceiling. There is something else that is wet and needing plugging.

Handyman Creampie My Hot Black Wife
Strap-On Gamer Girlfriend

These two roomies are jocking for time on the sticks. They can’t decide who ‘s next so Scarlit Scandal shows them that neither needs to play games. They can suck & ride her big black strap. Get ready for some more threesome lady action.


How would you feel about having a playmate like Eden West? The two of you go to a pool party with friends, but because the party hasn’t started, she decides to go in the back to let you dip in her nectar. The pool party should def be a banger after getting banged.

Going to the Pool

You should know by now that the ROOM is all about bringing cuties to share with the following. Ricky Johnson tagged up with Princess Emily, a new comer in the industry.

Basting a Tasty Dish
Roadside Pussy

A hustlin’ duo gets made by an off duty cop when they try to troll for their next victim. After the cop makes them, she’s all for running her game on Mazee and his partner in crime.


Here’s an idea fellas. You go to the movies and have a random hot chick take the seat next to you. Her mind isn’t on watching the flick as much as it to make one with you. Alex Jones turns this idea into a nice visual.

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Choose Your Flavor

Paris Shakes that Big Booty

If you’ve never seen a Paris the Muse shoot, you’re welcome. This one does come with a long opening, but the visuals are worth the wait. At nearly an hour, this feature gives you more than enough of the caramel cutie giving and taking the a pound down.