Thirsty Thursday 100 Spring 2017

It's time once again to get your thirst on. Here are the ladies who have been featured each Thursday for the past 3 to 4 months. This will be the last time that visitor opinions will be a factor in the list order. Go forth and be thirsty.

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Doing the Most Posting

  1. Twitter: MelanieCoMcCoy IG: cocofullofgrace
  2. Twitter: Royaltii2u IG: royaltii2u
  3. IG: theglamazontyomi Twitter: Glamazontyomi
  4. IG: kashdoll Twitter: kashdoll
  5. IG: ashersz Twitter: ashersz

Most Followed Women

  1. Twitter: BLACCHYNA
  2. IG: katyaelisehenry Twitter: katyaelisehenry
  3. IG: therealjkylie
  4. IG: dominiquechinn Twitter: dominiquechinn
  5. IG: bundleofbrittany Twitter: brittanyrennerr

Doc's Favorite Women

  1. IG: m0y.a_m0ntique
  2. IG: teki_02
  3. IG: tatiyanablood Twitter: tatiyana_blood
  4. IG: shanikihernandez
  5. IG: fancy85fit_

Hidden Loves

51. IG: _winter_storm

Twitter: PrettiByNature_ IG: prettibynature_

IG: star_phlame Twitter: Rarebeauty12

IG: piink__bombshell

Twitter: Jaz_aBelle12 IG: jaz_abelle12

Twitter: Royaltii2u IG: royaltii2u

Twitter: _BadBitLONDON

Twitter: A_BLUtiful_Mess

IG: nikolemilan Twitter: NiKoleMilan

IG: mseklass Twitter: mseklass

Twitter: faithjenkins1 IG: judgefaithjenkins

IG: stephlecor Twitter: StephieLecor

IG: rayplusray Twitter: rayplusray

Twitter: RHEmarkable IG: rhemarkable

IG: therealjkylie

IG: sugahsweetened Twitter: SugahSweetened

IG: realaimeeo

IG: jeamyblessed

IG: oohsosavvy Twitter: OohsoSavvy

IG: elisealexandria Twitter: EliseAlexandria

IG: miss_latinlust22

Twitter: Eshaluvsu IG: eshaluvsu

IG: saunyaaa Twitter: Saunyaaa

IG: dbcurves Twitter: DBcurves

IG: missballerina

Twitter: Deuces_2011

IG: rocc___

IG: shanzi.a

Twitter: Miss_Subooty IG: subooty2u

Twitter: _OverdozeOn808s

Twitter: CourtneyAyana

IG: iamvanityreign

IG: amirahdyme

IG: fancy85fit_

IG: mari.monet Twitter: tighteyyess

IG: brazilian_bella_

IG: shanikihernandez

IG: onlyone_dmi Twitter: _KaylaDmi_

IG: tiffany_s_s Twitter: Tiffany_s_s

IG: ashana_01

IG: _missfoy

IG: 201_skyy

IG: charliekamale Twitter: Charliekamale

IG: missgabbysky

IG: tatiyanablood Twitter: tatiyana_blood

Twitter: BrittaniD_Fox13

IG: teki_02

Twitter: boujie_vee IG: boujie_vee

Twitter: thekittydairies IG: xoxo_kittyyy

100. IG: asiastacx

All Around Love

26. IG: queenroxxannemontana Twitter: RoxxanneMontana

IG: jusbeinqgabby Twitter: jusbeinqgabby

IG: monicaalvarez03 Twitter: Monica3Alvarez

IG: jasmin_jaye Twitter: Jasmin_Jaye

Twitter: MelanieCoMcCoy IG: cocofullofgrace

IG: starlaricca Twitter: Dominicanasexi

IG: aaleeyahpetty

Twitter: ZoyaMonay IG: _sakimo

IG: cierarogers

IG: zuri_baby Twitter: ZuriLatrice

IG: misskcc Twitter: keani_cochelle

IG: joellelyrics Twitter: JoelleLyrics

IG: dayamipadron

IG: ninamarleena Twitter: ninamarleena

IG: jenafrumes Twitter: jenafrumes

IG: achontishanise Twitter: achontishanise

IG: kimberly_megan Twitter: princessmegan1

Twitter: rikababey IG: rikababey_

IG: niseykamai Twitter: NiseyKamai

IG: bria_murphy Twitter: Bria_Murphy

IG: ellie_yabish

IG: anya_ivy Twitter: SexxxyIvy

IG: ashersz Twitter: ashersz

IG: briona_maeee Twitter: briona_mae

50. IG: missmercedesmorr

Double Love

11. Twitter: BLACCHYNA

IG: ayishadiaz Twitter: ayishadiaz

IG: kikoblac

Twitter: IAmSultrySimone IG: iamsultrysimone

IG: katyaelisehenry Twitter: katyaelisehenry

IG: _chinesekitty Twitter: TaylorHing

Twitter: RICHELLERYAN IG: richelleryan

IG: ashleyzee1 Twitter: theashleyzee

IG: vidaguerra Twitter: VidaGuerra

IG: simplysiamonelauryn Twitter: simplysiamone

IG: sophiabody Twitter: sophiabody

IG: theglamazontyomi Twitter: Glamazontyomi

IG: msbasketball1 Twitter: msbasketball1

IG: sospyda Twitter: SoSpyda

25. IG: kiyomileslie Twitter: Thee_Kiyomi

The Hot List

  1. IG: dominiquechinn Twitter: dominiquechinn
  2. IG: kashdoll Twitter: kashdoll
  3. IG: rosaacosta Twitter: RosaAcosta
  4. Twitter: Lira_Galore IG: lira_galore
  5. IG: elke Twitter: elkethestallion
  6. IG: officialmizztwerksum Twitter: MizzTwerksum
  7. IG: bundleofbrittany Twitter: brittanyrennerr
  8. Twitter: iamjennashea IG: only1jshea
  9. IG: thando_thabethe Twitter: Thando_Thabethe
  10. IG: iamtaylorhall Twitter: IAMTAYLORHALL