Too Humble

I know Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and in no way am I out to steal the shine of all the moms out there. Yet and still, I felt compelled to drop a request to the men out here. I’m talking about fathers, big brothers and cousins, teachers, mentors, and awesome men in general. It’s time to stop being so damn humble. Put away that modesty, and accept the love given for your good work. I don’t want you to think I’m saying be pretentious. Just calm down; let the blessings flow.

Now for those who are already doing this, don’t stop. This is strictly for those who live in spite of any praise or recognition. It’s time for you to stop settling for the big piece of chicken and a nice tie. Speak up. Let the world know what makes you tick. If you want some hooping shorts, an expensive power tool, a flashy entertainment system, or whatever, let the people know. If they don’t get it for you, at least they will know why you weren’t overjoyed at the sight of the over-sized dress shirt. Say no to framed pictures of coworkers when you know damn well you don’t keep pictures at your desk. Stand up and say what you want.

This call to action is to end self-serving gifts. It is also a selfish request so that people stop looking at me funny when I say they can all chip in and buy me the latest game system. It makes no sense that you work with 100 people who say you’re the “best” and they all find a way not to throw in a $1 each towards your habit. Stop them from giving us what they think is best for us and give us what we want. Give yourself a more rewarding birthday, holiday, Father’s Day, and general appreciation. You deserve it damn it.