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Why Pay For It

There are so many relationship books on shelves of book stores all over the country. So many people claim to be experts in the area and give seminars on methods to score the perfect mate. In most cases, this advice comes with a price tag. I have no claims of being an expert, nor do I suggest that I have had perfect relationships but maybe I could shed some light for someone interested….and for free.99.

Get to know yourself and love that person. You’re different; so what? We all can’t be the same. Some like the person you are, some don’t. Fight that urge to be a carbon copy of someone else.

Know your turn on’s and turn offs. If your mate turns you on, go with it. It’s okay to let someone pass if they have a trait that is not pleasing to you. Why go through something that makes you uncomfortable for the sake of having a relationship? Those that suggest lowering standards are coming from a perspective that is not logical.

Patience. There’s nothing wrong with being single. We came into this world single. What’s the rush to find a mate? Understand that it is trial & error as well as chance. With nearly 300 million people in the US alone, how long do you think it would take to find that perfect (such a terrible word) person to be your mate?

Self examine, mate examine, and put on the cruise control. No need to demean yourself or the other gender. Keep your money too because I don’t want it. Enjoy your life and have second thoughts if someone suggests for you to impress others for some artificial happiness.