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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 1/25

Friday Night SmackDown

The returning John Morrison took on Big E for the first time to further conflict between the New Day and Miz and Morrison. The powerhouse was upstaged by John by way of Starship Pain putting the New Day at 1-2 since the rivalry began. B+

205 Live

A Cruiserweight Title match is on the horizon for Isaiah “Swerve” Scott following his qualifying win. In the main event, Scott and Raul Mendoza put a match together to highlight more of explosive offense from the title challenger. It was a strong showing but not enought to tip off the outcome of the TakeOver contest with the other challengers yet to be named. B+


For the second week in a row, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar were interupted during their Royal Rumble promo. Ricochet assured the Beast that he would not cower from the WWE Champ. When Brock decided to avoid confrontation, Ricochet took to insulting him and was awarded with a kick to the groin before watching Brock walk away laughing. C

A mixed tag team match was to iron out Bobby Lashley and Lana’s issues with Rusev and Liv Morgan. Just when it would seem that this could get interesting, Lashley scored a third win over Rusev with a spear and pin. F


A Toni Storm – Io Shirai match was promptly interrupted by Bianca Belair, who attacked both women. Rhea Ripley, Belair’s TakeOver opponent, came to send a message to Bianca, but everything broke down when all four women took shots at one another before Storm was left in the ring with the Women’s Title and a stunned Belair looked on. B-

An improbale situation presented itself for North American Championship challenger, Keith Lee. The three remaining members of Undisputed Era remained at ringside during Roderick Strong’s title defense. Lee would run the gamut of distractions to keep action in the ring as best as possible. Topping the obstacles before him made Lee’s improbable victory so much sweeter once he was able to pin the champ to the mat to end the Undisputed Era’s clean sweep of the NXT titles. A-