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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 10/12

Hell in a Cell

The lone star on this card was the Bank of Sasha in the opening match. Sasha Banks challenged her new foe, Becky Lynch, in Banks’ second appearance in the cell. This time would either be her second defeat or retribution for dropping the Raw Women’s Title before. It’s debatable as to which of her appearances was more brutal, but this one did not disappoint until the moment that the world saw the Blue-haired Assassain tap out to the champ. A-


The WWE standard infidelty storyline features a returning Bobby Lashley and Lana. So far there has been no ring work but a lot of cheesy-faced, creepy looking Lashley and some kissing. C

There was a pre-draft showcase that only showcased two competitors in Ricochet and Apollo Crews. No one interferred with this match, and it had a clean finish. In other words, it was a rather pointless booking at the end of a staginant show. F


The 205 Live era sees to be over, and the newly named NXT Cruiserweight Championship was the feature prize in the opening match. Lio Rush was given the nod to challenge Drew Gulak. The returning Rush went out and pinned the champ to earn the title and the torch from Gulak. Will Rush, the title, and the Cruiserweights have new life on NXT? A

In a non-title contest, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott would push the North American Champion, Roderick Strong, to the limit. His performance, while great, ended up being overshadowed by the Velveteen Dream and others who have title feuds on the horizon. B-

Team Kick is back from injury just in time for live TV. Victory will have to wait for another day because it was Bianca Belair stepping up to show that she is the next woman to challenge the NXT Women’s champion. B+


The tag team tournament made the television debut with Private Party challenging the favorites, Young Bucks. It’s also the television debut of the Party. Quen and Kassidy came with the intensity in the big spot; by the end they were given the nod in with the victory over the Bucks. A