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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 11/30


The top of the show put four tag teams in the ring for an exhibition style contest. Dez and Wentz picked up a steal of a victory through all the mass of bodies and confusion. It’s not not a certainty that pinned competitor was legal at that time. The end result put the Rascalz on a path to feud with the Triple X Division Champ, Ace Austin, and his crew of degenerates. B

The elimination challenge, also known as a guantlet in another promotion, put Moose in the lead off position against Daga before going on to fall to Rich Swann. Swann’s spot would be one of resilience; Michael Elgin put a beating on Swann until getting DQ’d, and Brian Cage followed Elgin to eventually pin Rich. B


When was the last time Kona Reeves was on television? Well this appearance ended with him catching a mean dropkick from Ricochet. Matt Riddle, set to face Reeves, accepted Ricochet’s challenge to give a match that has only been possible amid all the Survivior Series promotion. Riddle was awarded the victory via a pin as more hell broke loose among members of the three brands. B+

Other members of the WWE seen in all the brawls were Bianca Belair, Mia Yim, Keith Lee, and the Street Profits.


Le Champion wanted to put the past week behind him and move on to his big celebration, but leave it to SCU to remind him that Scorpio Sky pinned Jericho to close the past show. Scorpio Sky was allowed to push the champ into offering a championship match in Chicago through a most entertaining exchange. A+

Tag team rankings were on the line when the Proud and Powerful put there top spot on the line against the surging Private Party. Marq Quen was prevented from executing the high paced offence that the Party is known for when Santana and Ortiz kept him the ring for the majority of the contest. The highly anticipated Gin and Juice made an arrival just in time to put the Party back on the winning track. A

Friday Night SmackDown

The big weekend was boiling by the time Friday arrived, and Sasha Banks led her team to call out Team Raw. What followed was a triple treat match involving the team captains. Nikki Cross and Saha had a moment during the match but nothing to influence the outcome. Banks managed to hang on during a Figure Eight while Rhea Ripley pinned Charlotte’s shoulders for the 3-count. The Monday and Friday night crews finished the segment brawling, and NXT rolled out with the victory. C+

The numbers game seemed to be in Undisputed Era’s favor against the New Day, but not so fast. Heavy Machinery were also set to join the fray. It was all pancakes and weights until Otis went to pull Kofi Kingston off Tucker. Big E didn’t take too lightly to his partner being handled as such setting the teams up for a brief conflict. A disturbance in the unity was all that UE needs to secure their place as winners once again. B-

NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Survivor Series