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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 12/14


It’s a surprise that the worst storyline in wrestling featuring Bobby Lashley, Lana, and Rusev kicked off this week. Lana and Rusev met for a divorce proceeding that even Rusev didn’t take seriously before challenging Lashley to a match. In the true fashion of any contract signing segment, it ended with someone going through a table; that some being Lashley. F

Keeping with the surpises, how great of the booking a match that was teased in NXT and answering the complaint about the Viking Raiders squashing local talent. Enter the Street Profits to accept Raw Tag Title Open Challenge. It would have been impressive if the Profits’ entrance wasn’t longer and more entertaining than the actual match. D+


A boiling point was the tempurature for Lio Rush’s conflict with Angel Garza. Much heat has been exhausted to get to the fever pitch of the Cruiserweight Title rematch Garza requested. Rush was once able to retain the title in front of his family, but his rage was to get the best of him on the path to a new champ being crowned. A-

Mia Yim learned who attacked her before TakeOver, and now she’s out for vengence. Yim went right after Dakota Kai from the bell. That taste for vengence wasn’t enough to keep Dakota from slamming Yim’s face into the unprotected turnbuckle. The win would be credited to Dakota, but it would be the HBIC with the last ‘plex. Dakota ate a table in front of the announce table as payment for her betrayal. A

It’s been quite some time since Kayden Carter was seen in action so imagine the surpise of seeing her make her way down to the ring followed by her opponent, Bianca Belair. The scrappy Carter was put in place to get in Belair’s face over and over again. Belair was an immovable object though. She ended Carter with that patented smile. A-

Main event competitor, Keith Lee was one of the three men competing for a NXT Championship. He and Tomasso Ciampa tossed Finn Balor around before turning on one another. Things went around and around until Balor dropped both feet to Lee’s chest for the three count and seal the deal with Adam Cole. A+


The women took the stage this week when Big Swole made her television debut. The commentary crew put her over while she went to work with Sakura, one of the top five women on the roster. Sakura gave little respect to the newbie; Swole didn’t take too kindly to being mocked and repaid it with a win. A-

Brandi Rhodes is slowly revealing her plan for the women of AEW. She has adopted another apostile on her mission to bring darkness to their roster. A+