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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 12/21


From the event to a blood fued to facing newbies, Moose welcomed Acey Romero. Romero is a huge competitor, the type that Moose hasn’t faced in a while. Moose still landed the No Jackhammer Needed (what a name) to seal the deal and win. C

Friday Night SmackDown

Baron Corbin said the magic words to get the New Day’s attention. Rather than spend the night taking care of Roman Reigns, Corbin would have Kofi Kingston all up in his business for the main event. Dolph Ziggler’s interference turned the match to a tag contest that the New Day would go on and win, and of course all hell broke lose. B

Ring of Honor

Premiere entertainers, Kenny “Burger” King and Dalton “White” Castle, formed a trio with “Burger” Flip Gordon accepted and successfully completed a full course meal of a match. On the other side of the ring was “Single” Cheeseburger and the triple patty of the Bouncers. A-

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs


The worst storyline update: Bobby Lashley and Lana gloted over the win against Rusev. Lana also decided that the night was the perfect timing to suggest that Bobby get on his knees and propose to her “newly single” self, and he did just that. F

The greatest champ in WWE, R-Truth, made a proclaimation that he was going to win the guantlet match on his way to becoming the next U.S. Champion and take the title to Wrestlemania. It was not to be, and Ricochet ended up pulling the iron man duty by going through Tozawa, who defeated Truth, and Matt Hardy before falling to Humberto Carrillo. A-


Tag team wrestling is driving All Elite Wrestling, so why not have another tag team main event. Not only that, just two weeks before the big homecoming show in Jacksonville. The Scorpio Sky, SCU successfully defended the AEW Tag Titles against the super over Young Bucks. The four may be Being the Elite regulars, but the match had a purpose beyond the in ring action because the Dark Order took the opportunity to hold its first initiation by way of SCU and the Bucks. B-