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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 2/1

Friday Night SmackDown

There wasn’t much to see on the final show before the Royal Rumble. Writing would have John Morrison to continue his run against the New Day; Kofi Kingston failed in his attempt to redeem his loss two weeks ago. B

Royal Rumble

There was a surprise appearance by MVP, and Naomi made her return to action.


The contractual Royal Rumble and Raw appearance must have been the case for MVP because he rolled his ancient body out there to face Rey Mysterio. Considering that there were no stakes, it’s easy to guess that this was possibly a one time deal. C

The party train continues for No Way Jose. He danced right into a squash from Mojo Rawly, but the innovator that is R-Truth used this moment to sneak by Mojo’s protection by dressing as a dance line member and rolling up the champ. He regained and lost his title because, he too, decided to dance at that moment. B-


SCU returned to action a week from being the first champions to drop a title in AEW, but the show continued. Scorpio Sky is still getting the rub from taking Jericho to the limit about a month ago; that’s all good considering that he was sold as being the singles competitor of the group before the tag tourney. B+

Everything moves through the Inner Circle, even if it is just to jock for positioning. Private Party was booked in a main event along with Darby Allin to face off with Chris Jericho and Proud and Powerful. The biggest take away from this match, because every man involved did an awesome job, is that it will not be said that Isaiah Kassidy doesn’t know how to sell. That extra twitch after taking the Judas Effect was so good. A+