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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 2/22


The action was not on delay. The show comes right into the announcing of the participating teams for the AEW Tag Team Championship. Former champs met the champions in a rematch from weeks ago. The Dark Order’s annoucement of possibly interferring sent Christopher Daniels to investigate and leave Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian to face their opponents without the man advantage. The continued discord between Adam Page and Kenny Omega was teased while Sky and Kazarian did the work to keep them off balance. The speed and tenacity just wasn’t enough to seal the deal for SCU, and neither was the miscommunication between the champs. A-


Automatic rematches may not be a thing anymore, but losing a title and fading into obscurity is rather ridiculous unless someone is taking a break from television. Lio Rush, former Cruiserweight Champion, lost the title and was excluded from the title picture recently until this week. The rematch with Angel Garza had lager stakes as it was to earn a match against the new champ. For Garza, it was an opportunity to regain the title that he never beaten to lose. Rush, though, would earn his match to regain the title that he earned for NXT after the reassignment. B

Goodnees, Velveteen Dream is shooting to get under Roderick Strong skin. Dream has this man’s family on his tights for one more week. C

The Women’s Championship challenger put her exhibitionary skills to work on Santana Garrett. Bianca Belair finished off the pre-gaming for TakeOver Portland in the dominant fashion she does so well. Rhea Ripley felt some time of way and got some too. A+

Friday Night SmackDown

The previous week was used to put Carmella over as a number one contender and stunning many viewers. Mella would get her match and fall to the champ; just as Bayley decided to put the icing on the cake, Naomi stepped up to stop a beatdown. The faceoff between returning star and champ was ruined by the recovering Carmella, but she would join forces to dispatch of the proud SmackDown Women’s Champ. B

NXT TakeOver: Portland