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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 5/16

Money in the Bank

The 8-time tag champs, the New Day, were thrust into defending the titles in a four-team Un-Fatal Fourway. The contest left much to be desired considering the animosity brewing among the champs and their opponents. To have the match end with Gran Metalik taking the fall to Big E did many disservices to the other teams involved in the match even though it helps continue the rivalries.  C+

No crowd also means pre-show caliber matches can end up on the main card, and this is completely true of the contest between R-Truth and MVP. It just so happened that newly motivated and angry Bobby Lashley called an audible to plug himself for MVP. This is great for Lashley as his new demeanor has him pissed at everything in the ring. Truth served as an entertaining squash partner at any time, but he provided a bonus when claiming that the lack of the 24/7 Championship has the Truth off his game. A

Sasha Banks did serve much of a role at ringside during the SmackDown Women’s Title match. She did rub it in Tamina’s face as soon as the ending bell. She continues to stand tall for her friend, Bayley. The endure another challenge, and the friendship continues. B-

The final match as far as this recap is concerned was the Money in the Bank mayhem match. Nia Jax had spent weeks leading into the contest by dominating opponents left and right. There wasn’t as much dominance during the race to the top, especially when paired with the fact that Baron Corbin tossed two men into the darkness of the night. Jax wasn’t paired against Shayna Baszler much in a contest where it is every competitor for themselves. C

Friday Night SmackDown

Even though every show is being recorded in Orlando, FL, there seemed to be a need to pitch the idea that Charlotte is crossing brands as the NXT Women’s Champ and the hot prospect on any brand. She was met by the SmackDown Women’s Champ, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. Sasha was intentionally silenced by the two champs even though Charlotte kept encouraging Banks to be her own woman and step out of Bayley’s shadow. B+