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Wrasslin’ Noir Recap 9/7

All Out

The Casino Battle Royale brought out several faces that we’ve never seen or haven’t seen in a while. Big Swole made an appearance along with Nikki Savoy and Jazz, who received a big pop. The Chief Brandi Officer, Brandi Rhodes, was accompanied by Awesome Kong. No one received a significant spot in the match; it was nothing more than an exhibition for the AEW women.

Double or Nothing served as an introdution of Private Party to some. All Out highlighted them in a tag contest. Quinn and Kassidy took their spot and put on a show for the sold out crowd. Look forward to them getting a push in the tag team tournament.


The King of the Ring run came to an end for Cedric Alexander and just when it seemed that Baron Corbin had done too much showing off. Maybe, it’s time to revisit a program with Cesaro, but we’ve been down that road once.

The second tournament match held a lot more suspense. Ricochet and Samoa Joe may have competed recently, but they were the catalyst for an interesting semifinal triple threat match. The finish of both men pinning one another, wasn’t immediately addressed  following the end of the match.

There was a lot of foreshadowing into the events of the main event. Sasha Banks making here appearance during Bayley and Becky Lynch’s Championship Showcase was surely anticipated. Her interrupting the match and attacking Lynch with a chair was also destiny fulfilled. Banks giving Bayley that chair, though, was a jaw-dropping surprise.

SmackDown Live

Business picked up where it left off with Bayley springing a trap for Charlotte. Sasha followed up with the chair once again. Just in case anyone was in doubt, the two double down with the chair shots to Flair.

Speaking of business, Kofi Kingston is still getting all of the business from Randy Orton and the Revival. The divide and conquer strategy is working like magic considering the rest of the New Day were not present.

Did anyone get the tag on that truck? Oh that was Aleister Black kicking the shit out of Shelton Benjamin. Damn shame that Shelton didn’t even get the dignity of having an on camera entrance before putting Black over.

And the 13 time 24/7 Champion, R-Truth.


The rare Velveteen Dream match pitted the champ versus Kona Reeves. There were no theatrics in the rather quick victory for Dream.

The same can be said for the Bianca Belair appearance; she was challenged by Taynara Conti. Conti may not be the same jobber of the past, but she surely did the job this week.

The championship challenge for Jordan Myles seemed rushed and haphazard. Hats off to Myles and Adam Cole for putting on a solid contest. Either way, there was no moment where it seemed that Myles had earned enough clout to carry the top title at NXT.


The on-air feud with Ken Shamrock was put on a pause to allow Moose to accept the challenge from Fallah Bahh. He made sure to get back to the message sending by slapping an ankle lock on Bahh following the match.