WWE Raw Recap 10/31

Hartford, CT is the site for the return of WWE Raw. Goldberg is making his way to the ring to a humongous pop from the crowd. Paul Heyman inserts himself into the discussion and teases a Brock Lesner appearance to the surprise of everyone. He does let us know that he has back up in the event that Goldberg feels the need to get froggy. Right as he’s teasing Brock’s son for being disappointed, Rusev’s music hits, and the brute trots down. Good for WWE finding a way to invoke the “Goldberg” chants even though the man was standing in the ring. Goldie botches some simple knees to the gut before landing a spear on Heyman. By the way, why is Byron wearing a onsie? Cole decided to forego a costume, and Graves dons a jack-o-lantern suit.

Gallows vs. Enzo Lightyear in a Trick or Street Fight

Enzo and Cass come dressed as Buzz and Woody. The ring features toys such as a tub of apples, candy corn kendo sticks, a random skeleton, and an assortment of jack-o-lanterns. This an extreme spotfest. Everyone gets in on the action when Anderson eats a face full of pumpkin pie, and Cass puts a large pumpkin on Gallows’ head before he catches a top rope DDT giving Enzo the win.

TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Title

Kendrick sells the new found intensity in TJP, who goes all out to win the title back. The cruiserweight intensity gets goes to another level. I swear TJP nearly breaks his neck with the springboard hurricanrana to the ringside. Kendrick decides that it’s better to live to fight another day and take the count out. Perkins is not through with him though; he catches BK from behind and slaps on the knee bar until he’s pulled off the champ.

Backstage, Strowman threatens to destroy half the roster, not sure which half, if he was not added to the Raw team for Survivor Series. Mick grants him a spot in a battle royal for a chance to join the team then makes his way to address the ending of the Universal title match. Jericho and Owens are on the scene to hear about Mick’s disappointment in the tandem and their actions at Hell in a Cell. Mick weathers the barrage of insults to reluctantly ask for the best friends to join Team Raw for the Survivor Series. JeriKO’s gloating is cut short by the announcement that Roman will join the team also. The Guy baits Jericho into challenging him for the US title later on the show. Mick is still doing his classic overselling.

Battle Royal

This is Strowman’s to lose, but with the likes of Sheamus, Cesaro, and Titus in the ring, it can be expected that he will put in some work. R-Truth gets outed first. Cole announces that Sheamus and Cesaro are pulling double duty tonight which means they won’t win. Matter of fact, they end up getting each other eliminated on our way to seeing Strowman and Zayn as the final two. Sami put up a good fight as he is one to do; Strowman does his job and rids himself of the scrappy competitor to earn the spot in the series.

New Day are the many faces of Kama Mustafa to tell us about the title of Team Raw tag team captains for the Series. A New Day promo is not complete without bashing the competition, in which we learn that they will fight Heath Slater and his kids. The challenge is laid for Team SmackDown.

Rich Swann, Lince Dorado, & Cedric Alexander vs. Duvari, Tony Nese, and Gulak

This match is high paced and high flying as usual. It’s of note that I don’t recall any of these guys being lauded by those whose opinions I value. It leads me to believe that they were getting the rub from other notable cruiserweights during the classic tourney.

The Queen comes to address her subjects and proclaim her spot as the leader of the women of Team Raw. We also learn that Bayley will be joining the team to take on the blue squad. Seeing the hugger as a weak link, Charlotte assigns her a bit of a sparring match to whip her into shape.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Bayley gives Nia the greatest challenge she’s had since getting drafted. Her offensive moves seem to do nothing more than annoy Jax as she shook off the flurry of kicks and strikes. Eventually, Bayley gets tossed around like a doll before being pinned for the three-count

Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Shining Stars

The tweener team makes their second appearance to a mix of cheers and jeers. The duo works over the Puerto Rican travel agents like they were meant to be a team. Cesaro’s big spot comes in the form of a European uppercut save as the Celtic warrior strapped on the cloverleaf.

Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns for the US Title

It is obvious what the outcome of this match will be so I just want to see how they will play it. Roman gets to work a clean match for while before KO interferes. Jericho makes a valiant attempt by successfully executing the walls of Jericho. The champ overcame the interference with a rush of signature moves. KO stops what would be the winning pin attempt to cause a DQ. After the match, the best friends drop Reigns with a pop up code breaker just in time for Seth Rollins sprint to the ring. Sadly, I just know Seth will be the fifth member of Team Raw spilling out a huge bowl of disaster for the event. The heels retreat leaving the former Shield companions in the ring. Nothing happens even though the fans are calling for a spear strangely.