659: Post-Hurricane Escape

Discussions of the experience with a 78-hour power outage in Houston due to a hurricane, including food spoilage, gas shortages, and heat exhaustion, but expressed gratitude for their family’s safety. They touched on changing their podcast intro, the upcoming NCAA College Football 25 video game, and hurricane naming conventions. They reminisced about past storms, the return of Sam Wilson (the Falcon), and the lack of trust in black superheroes in media. Conversations also covered sports topics like Ricky Henderson’s legacy, legal troubles of former NFL draft pick Marcus Russell, and various criminal cases. They reminisced about events from 2007 and 2009, discussed pop culture moments, and recent sports developments, including the MLB draft, WNBA, and Olympic trials. The discussion highlighted their diverse interests and personal anecdotes, blending nostalgia with current events.

658: Ice Cream Wars!

Join Marqus and Tony as they navigate technical issues, workplace drama, basketball legends, and the quest for unshared ice cream in Episode 658: Ice Cream Wars! 🍦🎙️ #PodcastLife #IceCreamLovers

657: Auctions, Beats, and Scandals

Tony and Marqus engaged in a comprehensive discussion covering a wide array of topics: their AI experiences, military backgrounds, future plans, current events, sports, and music, including the NBA Finals, WNBA, and hip hop. They shared personal anecdotes, touched on the competitive nature of sports, and recent news stories like the Graceland auction and an indecent exposure case in North Carolina. Their conversation also included discussions on recent arrests (Justin Chaplin and Rodney Vellore), potential corruption in the Houston Public Works Department, a privately shared video, Tony’s family, movie plots, baseball strategies, and plans to revive content creation platforms like Patreon and Google ads.

656: Paydays and Playoffs

Tony and Marqus had a wide-ranging discussion, covering personal lives, career aspirations, neighborhoods, financial struggles, and student-athlete compensation. They also touched on college sports, NHL playoffs, MLB, and basketball standings, and reminisced about 2011 sports and media. Additionally, they discussed the upcoming Atlanta Jazz Festival, mental health awareness, crime updates, and potential documentaries.

655: A Skim Win

• No longer refer to Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves by his chosen name and will call him Jonathan Reeves instead.
• Gov. Greg “Onslaught” Abbott
• Treat Greg Abbott as a person who can walk and make him stand for the National Anthem.
• NBA playoffs updates and analysis, particularly focusing on the performance of Anthony Edwards and the Mavericks’ chances of securing a conference finals spot.
• The Flash sucked.
• Stop lying for clicks!

Heroes, Hurdles, Headlines

Join Tony and MJ in an enlightening episode as they dive deep into an array of topics on Doctor AbrACEive Episode 654. From profound discussions about time, loyalty, trust, and personal experiences to exploring the intricate dynamics of loyalty across diverse contexts. They don’t stop there; they dissect current events, share insights on sports, delve into potential strategies for the upcoming NFL draft, and passionately discuss their favorite superhero TV series and X-Men show. Plus, they tackle crucial issues like the teacher shortage, education quality, and the contentious debate over preferred pronouns in education. Tune in for a thought-provoking journey through these compelling conversations!

653: Gimme My Money

MJ and Tony covered a wide range of topics, including their personal experiences in sports, the impact of sports events like drafts and playoffs, content platforms, and social issues. They discussed the NBA playoffs, the transfer portal and one-and-done rule in college basketball, the upcoming NFL and MLB drafts, and the opening of the WNBA season. They also touched on various legal and cultural issues related to laws, women’s representation, and criminal cases.

652: Scandals, Stolen Cars, & Sunday Sermons

Tony and MJ discussed gaming, baseball, scandals, TV shows, and upcoming events. There was women’s basketball, baseball integrity, and a colleague’s misinformation issue. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission misplaced nearly $1M in alcohol. Bun B’s rodeo attracts large crowds. A Satanic temple sues over excessive security fees, and a Houston man marries multiple women on probation. Plus so much more.

    651: 2K Way

    MJ and Tony had a wide-ranging discussion about various topics, including the impacts of technology and the internet on events and experiences, monetization strategies in social media, marketing tactics, specific events like Beyonce’s Coachella performance, the Beale Street Music Festival and a barbecue contest, the “old man game” of Cream Abdul Jabbar, changes to the terms and conditions of NBA 2K, streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and potential projects related to Black History content.

    650: Coach P

    Tony and MJ had a wide-ranging conversation about coaching experiences, the challenges faced by the youth team, the Vince Staples Show episode about a bank manager, and Tiffany Haddish taking a trip to Israel. They also discussed breakdowns of 90’s R&B songs. The conversation ended on a light-hearted note with a usual ranking of smut categories.